How to Guarantee a Terrible 2020

​How To Guarantee A Terrible 2020 ​What follows are my 5 immutable rules for a terrible, no good, deeply unfulfilling 2020. ​Follow these rules and I guarantee you misery. ​​​Here’s to your misfortune.1. Keep yourself distracted.The goal is not long term success, but short term comfort through avoidance. To this end, make sure your phone &

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​Youtube is ComingBlogging isn’t something I enjoy, and it’s not a good use of my time. ​I like sharing what I know. I like the art of story telling. ​ I like connecting with intelligent, like minded people online over shared interests and challenges.​ ​But becoming world class at a skill takes time, and writing blog posts just

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How to intelligently design a workday

​How To Intelligently Design A Workday  I’ve come to see work habits as one of my biggest competitive advantages. I’m constantly refining this system, but overall it’s proven incredible effective and I hope it can do the same for you. When I first started applying this stuff, I felt pretty eccentric. But over the following months

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