Hi, I'm Kingshuk. 

Introducing my dogs to each other- 12 year old Kanga (who wants a schedule full of food and nap time) & 4 month old Bruce (who wants to wrestle and play).

I help people and companies create charismatic brands.

About me:

  • Brand Strategist to NYT and WSJ best selling authors, start-ups, notorious dating coaches, fortune 500 companies (and some really badass entrepreneurial stay at home moms).
  • Grew up with crippling social anxiety, fighting through it in small battles daily remains some of my most treasured achievements.
  • In the process of confronting social anxiety, I became obsessed with human behavior and social dynamics. I still read daily on topics like marketing, sales, seduction, power, influence, philosophy, persuasion, and psychology.
  • My obsession with beating social anxiety, or “learning to human,” was the perfect interdisciplinary education for my career in advertising. I've learned as much about copywriting and persuasion from David Ogilvy and Gary Halbert as I have from Robert (Greene and Cialdini), Baltasar Gracian and Niccolo Machiavelli.

Whether you want to maximize your potential for your brand or as an individual, you're largely the same game. What helps you create a charismatic, compelling brand also allows you to maximize your opportunities in life. 

Most of my work here falls into two buckets:

1. How to create a charismatic brand that people believe in, not just notice.

2. Self-actualization. This is about adapting to become the most capable, self-reliant, and bold version of yourself. Many things in life will keep you from your dreams, you should not be getting in your own way. 


Story driven growth strategy & consulting: 

It's hard to get eyeballs on your work. It's even harder to make ideas stick. 

I believe that for brands and people, compelling stories are everything.

Story is how we communicate our advantages in today's digital ocean of competitors.

Story is the difference between being noticed and being believed in.

Your reputation, your legacy is measured in the stories people tell about you when you're not around, when you're gone.

Great people and great brands have stories worth telling. 

I've made my career as a marketer helping startups, authors, and ambitious creatives grow their businesses online through better stories. Because today, it's not enough to be noticed.

Getting noticed is step one. Then what? Why should people care? There are many companies that do work like yours. What's the story that sets you apart? Why should I believe, and believe in you? What's your story?

My job is to help you answer those questions and turn them into tangible outcomes. If you'd like to chat, schedule a free no-sale call here.

About Me:

I'm obsessed with exercising my courage muscle daily, since life shrinks or expands in direct proportion to your courage. This is like religion to me, as it makes everything in life easier. 

I also apply these lessons to life in general, and then share what I've learned with you.

This site is where I share my ideas, experiments, and lessons learned from studying power and influence, psychology and history, copywriting and advertising (and of course, heaps of very awkward trial and error). 

So here's your call to action- invite me into your inbox and I'll share my best ideas to help you become more capable, persuasive, and powerful in such strange times. 

Ray Dalio

Billionaire Hedgefund Manager & NYT Best Selling Author of Principles

Unless you want to have a life that is directed by others, you need to decide for yourself what to do and you need to have the courage to do it.