Hi, I'm King.

I'm a virtual consultant & writer.

Introducing my dogs to each other- 12 year old Kanga (who wants a schedule full of food and nap time) & 4 month old Bruce (who wants to wrestle and play).

For the better part of the last decade, I've helped NYT and WSJ best selling authors, notorious dating coaches, fortune 500 consultants and more, grow small, profitable businesses online. 

What I've learned is there's really one skill that separates the employees and freelancers from the entrepreneurs who design their futures- the ability to seek and tolerate discomfort.

In as few words as possible- discipline and courage. This site is where I explore how to self-actualize in life and business, to become as courageous and capable an individual as possible. You'll learn the best of what I've learned, am reading, and what I'm figuring out. Not just about marketing and building businesses, but also about how to live more honestly, be bolder and take risks, and crush your comfort zone.


Story driven growth strategy & consulting: Every month, I take on a maximum of 5 consulting clients- I help them clarify their messaging so people want to care about their work. Learn more here.

The rest of my time is dedicated to the projects below. 

Current Projects:

Two Years To Live: After my grandmother died of pancreatic cancer, I couldn't stop thinking about how I take time for granted. It turned into an experiment that stemmed from one question: what would you do if you only had two years to live?

The Comfort Zone Challenge Database: A proven method to crush your comfort zone, build confidence, and find the courage to take risks and make shit happen.

It's not enough to read a lot or be skilled at work. You also need courage and faith in your ability to go after what you want and figure things out. The best decisions are made from a place of courage, pro-activeness and curiosity, not fear and aversion. In a world where comfort and mediocrity are the norm, this is your biggest competitive advantage.

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Ray Dalio

Billionaire Hedgefund Manager & NYT Best Selling Author of Principles

Unless you want to have a life that is directed by others, you need to decide for yourself what to do and you need to have the courage to do it.