Hi, I'm Kingshuk.

Occupation: courage & marketing.

I help interesting people grow interesting projects. I've worked with with NYT and WSJ best selling authors, notorious dating coaches, fortune 500 consultants, and some really cool stay at home moms to be seen and heard through my growth & marketing work.

Why courage? Simple. It takes more balls than skill to be unapologetically you. Unlike services and products, no one can compete on being you. 

More about me here

How I can help you:

These are mini-courses on the problems I solve.

Story-driven Growth Strategy: Why should I care? A primer on making people give a damn about your work. 

Fear, Courage, & Entrepreneurship: I'm a fanatical believer that you can and should make your own luck. Charles Bukowski wrote in one of his books: 

"I was waiting for something extraordinary to happen but as the years wasted on nothing ever did unless I caused it.”

It's up to you to you create your own luck. Create your own extraordinary events in life and business. This is how.