Hi, I'm Kingshuk. 

The name "Courage Lab" was inspired by a quote from the billionaire Ray Dalio-

"Unless you want to have a life that is directed by others, you need to decide for yourself what to do and you need to have the courage to do it." 

I created this site to share my experiments, resources, and lessons learned around my two biggest passions:

  1. 1. Becoming as self-directed, action-oriented, and capable an individual as possible.
  2. 2. Becoming deadly effective at building small, profitable businesses.

To me, these two are halves of a whole- You can't build a profitable business without first becoming a capable individual.

I don't have all the answers, but I'm happy to share what I've learned so far. Drop your email below and you'll get the best of my latest work 2 times a month.


I believe that more men and women than ever before are finding themselves without the confidence, skills, and internal resilience to go take action on the things that matter to them.

In order to solve this problem in my own life, I study notable figures and ideas across time and disciplines— clinical psychologists, navy seals, entrepreneurs, emperors and more— to distill the fundamental stategies and tactics in the pursuit of self-reliance and living life on your terms.

My writing is divided into two parts- theory and application. 

First, I distill the absolute best ideas I've discovered. Then, I test these ideas out in my life and share those lessons and (often embarrassing) stories with you.

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Robert Greene

Author, 50th Law, 48 Laws of Power

“Understand: we are all too afraid— of offending people, of stirring up conflict, of standing out from the crowd, of taking bold action. For thousands of years our relationship to this emotion has evolved— from a primitive fear of nature, to generalized anxiety about the future, to the fearful attitude that now dominates us. As rational, productive adults we are called upon to finally overcome this downward trend and to evolve beyond our fears.”